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Dec 23, 2015

A brief history of SEO –

  • Posted by Tim McLarty
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SEO is more about content than code in 2016

We just started following Business2Community and I happened to notice an excellent article by Jessica Johnson.  It talks about the brief history of SEO and how it has gone from black hat “code loads” to today’s quality content.

That’s not to say companies still aren’t finding ways to maximize their reach through code.  It’s optimization.  But Google has gone a long way in bringing law and order to the unruly internet.  Code is no longer king, it’s content.

For Ontrack Communications it’s been the sweet call of the angels.  We are a video storytelling company and have always promoted creating a strong emotional strategy along with the hard sell.  That goes hand in hand with today’s content driven b2b and b2c approach.

Here’s the article.  Enjoy!