Get to know who we are

Our history

Ontrackdigital was founded in 1998 as a division of Ontrack Communications Inc. Our team is comprised of “wylie veterans” who signed on to the first internet bulletin boards in the 1980’s, to young “techno-heads” who grew up with a mouse in their hands and live and breathe web 2.0. Located in Toronto, Canada, we apply our marketing, advertising and video skills to the latest code languages to provide the perfect combination of brand experience and online functionality. Whether it be Explorer, Safari, Mozilla, desk top, tablet or mobile device, we’ve got you covered.

The process


Your goals will vary depending on your business and how your customers interact with you.  We’ll help you determine realistic goals and objectives.

Map it

Next we map out how your site will be laid out. Your goals will impact the priorities of the content and site flow. Don’t worry, we’ll help you work this all through .

Build it

This is the fun part. The shapes, the images, the colours; your baby now starts to take shape. We’ll implement your current visual identity or help you build a completely new one.

Test it

Through measurement tools like heat mapping and A/B testing we’ll help you determine what content is working and what isn’t.  You’ll never want to stop testing, tweaking and adding meaningful content and our CMS websites make it possible.