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Feb 12, 2014

Welcome to

Web design with Video marketing

A new website.  It’s like moving into a new apartment.  But one that you had custom built from the ground up.  In some cases there is compromise.  You’re limited by budget, scope and time.  In our case, time was the only limiting factor.   Popular websites today are all about content.  And the only thing that provides useful content are painstaking hours spent writing and recording  hundreds of articles and videos covering hundreds of topics.

Check back and watch as our content library starts to pile up.  Every city starts with one small stone.  But each stone stacks up into a building.  Each new building works towards the formation of a street.  Streets become villages, villages become cities; I think you get the picture.  And as the old saying goes, there are a lot of stories in the naked city.  And each story contains some sort of information you can use towards the betterment of , in this case, your digital world.

In the coming weeks we’ll be adding content that covers strong design.  After all, we come from a design background.  But we’ll also commit a fair amount of time to the ergonomics of building a great website too.  The analogy of building a home works well when comparing it to your digital home.  You want your guests to feel at home, feel the right vibe, and want to come back again and again.

We’ll be dedicating considerable time to video as well, having strong roots in broadcast and video.   Video is a powerful tool for getting the message across quickly.  Let’s face it, often your visitor is in a hurry and looking for any excuse to click away.  If you can hold them with some well produced production, you’re already ahead of many of your competitors.

And that’s what Ontrack Digital is all about.  Strong design, web that applauds the power of video, and emotions fuzed with strong sell messages.     We look forward to sharing time on this planet building a beautiful website together.