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Oct 6, 2015

PPC bidding trends are always changing

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Adwords pay per click bidding evolves, just like businesses.   As your competition changes their focus, they change their keywords.  This could present an opportunity or a challenge depending on their choices.   For the most part, it tends to be more of a challenge because your competitors are competing with you for a reason; they want to grow their piece of the pie.   And that generally means they’re willing to bid against you more aggressively in pockets they have determined will be profitable.Business man with the text Pay Per Click in a PPC concept image

So, what does this mean?   Well, a sleeping lion catches no prey.  You, or the company you hire has to always be scouring sources and competitors for the latest trends and techniques in effective adword management.

Joseph Kerschbaum, author of  “Pay-Per-Click SEM: One Hour a Day”  has four recommendations in a recent article on PPC bidding.

1. Take advantage of Ad Group Level Settings.

2. Launch New Keywords

3.Segment Keywords That Have Potential

4.Promote Proven Keywords

He goes on to emphasize, just like with a stock portfolio, you should leverage your efforts across a variety of strategies.  He recommends using CPC Bidding, CPA (cost per acquisition) Bidding and Flexible Bidding.  Read more about it here  

In addition, we recommend you carefully monitor your creative results.  When running image campaigns the results can be quite dramatic with just a simple colour change or some manipulation of how the headline and body copy sizing changes.  Through our sister company, Ontrack Communications we have seen very interesting comparison results when rolling out A & B campaigns.

When creative and strategy work together it’s always a much more effective spend no matter how you look at it.



Tim McLarty - Ontrack Communications Toronto
  Tim McLarty is owner and creative director of creative Video & Web boutique Ontrack Communications in Toronto.  When he’s not designing video and websites with  senior designer Heronymo Allen, he’s writing and performing in short films, and cursing the Toronto Maple Leafs.